Sublime's Deploy App is an integrated, intuitive mobile content enablement platform that automatically delivers the content that a mobile workforce needs to do their job. Vital and up-to-date information is organised in the context required for their role or task, produced in the right time-frame directly to their mobile device, with all the automation and productivity tools needed to work with content. It is designed to enable sales and service organisations better engage customers with content, allowing them to sell and service more.

It is a robust, intelligent and secure solution that delivers the most relevant content to the right users automatically. The development framework allows for rapid development and deployment onto Windows desktop, Mac desktop, iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone.

  • Automatically deliver content to any mobile device
  • Gain insight into content utilisation & value
  • Present content with complete fidelity on a mobile device
  • Secure content & govern how it’s used
  • Integrates with all existing content repositories
  • Automate processes with mobile interactive forms

Content Experience

Easily share content across your mobile workforce, regardless of where the asset resides.

Integrated Platform

Provide your mobile users with the tools they need to create, edit, annotate and share content anywhere they work.

ACCESS Analytics

Gain visibility into mobile content utilisation and determine what content is most used and most efficient for your organisation.


Introducing the Business HUB an integrated, intuitive mobile content enablement platform that that automatically delivers the content that a mobile workforce needs to do their job, organised in the context required for their role or task, provided in the right time-frame directly to their mobile device, with all the automation and productivity tools needed to work with content.

The Business HUB enables sales and service organisations better engage customers with content, allowing them to sell and service more.

integrated Platform

Content Control Panel

Everything you need to access, customise, present, collaborate & share content while on a mobile device in one integrated, intuitive platform.

  • Automatically “push” the most recent & relevant content to a user’s mobile device.
  • All the tools to create, customise, annotate & share content.
  • Work with content on or offline, on any mobile device or desktop.
  • Capture data & automate manual processes with interactive forms.
  • A customisable user interface (layout, colours, logos, fonts).

user Experience

Incredible User Experience

The HUB delivers an incredible user experience that ensures rapid user adoption.

  • Render any type of content with complete fidelity on any device.
  • Present & share content in new & more impactful ways.
  • Powerful content search, subscribe & collaboration capabilities.
  • Workspace for users to access & work with content from personal repositories.

For users on the web, Sublime provides a consumer-app, like user experience for both content publishers and content viewers. Created in a native, dynamic and responsive design, the Business HUB brings the benefits of secure, controlled content enablement to everybody in the enterprise using a web browser. Users can view content published to them, share, edit, annotate and more – all from their web browser.

Content Management

Superior Content Experience

Automatically deliver the right content to the right mobile device users, regardless of where the asset resides, directly to their mobile device. Content is organised based on relevant attributes and renders with complete fidelity on any mobile device.

  • Organise & deliver content based on relevant attributes.
    (role/group, task, event, date/time, location, customer type, stage in a process & more).
  • Sync content changes from a repository directly to a user’s mobile device.
  • Set size limits for how much space content can take up, on a user’s device.
  • Controlled authoring so users can only add, edit, delete or modify content within approved areas.
  • Identify under-utilised assets that need to be optimised or to be archived.

Our visual search technology allows additional graphic elements to be added to a content structure. Users can not only search through their content, inside files, rich media descriptions and metadata but also through internet feeds and people information.

Complete Security

Complete Content Security

The mobile Business HUB offers the most comprehensive security on the market that will meet the needs of the most stringent IT security teams.

  • Role-based access controls
  • Content governance controls
  • 256-bit data encryption (AES)
  • Mobile device whitelisting & remote content wipe
  • Integration with LDAP & Microsoft Active Directory
  • Single sign-on & SMAL support

Measurement & Analytics

Content Intelligence

Sublime’s Content Intelligence System provides visibility & fine-grained measurement of your material's utilisation as well as intelligence for content that is most relevant given a number of attributes such as a mobile user’s role, association, a company’s particular industry or customer type or asset that’s best used at a specific stage in a process, time, location & more.

  • Detailed measurement & reporting of content used in customer engagement
  • Automated posting of content activities in CRM record
  • Measure the financial impact of content on sales opportunities & revenue
  • Gain visibility into the content that experts use & share the knowledge across the entire team


Powerful Communications Hub

Extend your communications capabilities. You now can send secure messages between individual users or entire groups, real-time video and audio chatting, linking content to social networks, on-the-fly presentation broadcasting to remote meeting participants as well as the ability to subscribe and follow specific Business HUB users and content in the system.


Integrate with your current systems. By implementing Business HUB, Sublime can integrate your content wherever it lives, including your content management system, CRM, intranet, file servers, or cloud-based solutions. Share content out to your mobile workforce, and collect valuable information in the field.

Out-of-the-box integration for:

  • Adobe CQ5/AEM
  • Airwatch
  • Alfresco
  • Amazon Web Services S3
  • Box
  • Citrix
  • CMIS/ECM Systems
  • Dropbox
  • Egnyte
  • Evernote
  • Google Drive
  • Jive
  • Marketo
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Microsoft SharePoint Online
    (for Office 365)
  • Microsoft OneDrive
    & OneDrive for Business
  • MobileIron
  • Oracle/Siebel & CRM On Demand
  • Salesforce
  • SAP
  • SMB/Windows File Shares
  • SugarSync & More

Data integration to back-office systems:

  • Rest-based API
  • Data export (CSV)

Aggregate, OrganiSe & Deliver Content No Matter Where It Resides

You can access, correlate & automatically deliver any type of content to your mobile workforce’s devices from a multitude of different content repositories. Sublime provide out-of-the-box Business HUB integration for the following repositories, but with our Rest-based API and CSV data export, you can integrate nearly any system where your organisation’s content exists.


  • Airwatch
  • Citrix
  • IBM Fiberlink
  • MobileIron
  • Symantec

CRM/Marketing Automation:

  • hc1.com
  • HubSpot
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Marketo
  • Salesforce
  • SAP

Cloud Repositories

  • Alfresco
  • Amazon S3
  • Apple iCloud
  • Azure Storage
  • Barracuda Copy
  • Box
  • Citrix ShareFile
  • DropBox
  • Egnyte
  • Evernote
  • Google Drive
  • Microsoft OneDrive
  • Microsoft OneDrive For Business
  • Microsoft SharePoint 365
  • SugarSync

Enterprise Content Management

  • Adobe CQ
  • EMC Documentum
  • IBM FileNet
  • MS SharePoint
  • OpenText
  • SMB (Window File Shares)


  • Microsoft ActiveDirectory
  • Novell eDirectory
  • SAML 2.0
  • Desktop:
  • Apple OS X
  • Microsoft Windows

Enabling Business Mobility

Sublime's Business HUB is the market’s leading mobile content and sales enablement platform that has transformed what can now be accomplished on a mobile device.


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SUBLIME Form Builder

Automate Processes, Streamline Transactions And Accelerate Workflows On Any Mobile Device

Sublime's Form Builder enables organisations to eliminate manual paper-based forms, automate data capture and implement processes improvements without requiring an entirely new infrastructure platform or stand-alone forms application.

Interactive forms can be easily created and delivered to mobile device users in a matter of minutes, for use both on and offline. Data that’s captured in forms, can be easily extracted and leveraged by back-office systems to complete workflows and streamline transactions. Sublime's Form Builder enables users to submit complete, media-rich and error-free forms, anywhere, from any mobile or desktop device, securely and in real time.



 No separate mobile app required to create, deliver or work with forms.

  • Forms work across all mobile operating systems as well as on or offline.
  • Forms data is automatically and centrally synced from mobile devices.
  • Scan QR/barcodes, perform calculations, capture signatures, attach pictures.
  • In-depth data analytics and reporting on forms usage.
  • Role-based access controls (get the right forms to only the right users).
  • Complete data security (AES 256-bit encryption).

Sublime's Content HUB makes it easy to create and distribute forms to remote workforces on their mobile devices for checklists, order/repair sheets, surveys, inspections, audits, patient monitoring reports, site reviews, trip logs, project reports, quizzes, equipment checks and more. Sublime's Form Builder enables users to submit complete, media-rich and error-free forms securely and in real time.

Sublime Presentation Studio

With Sublime's Presentation Studio, users can quickly create interactive mobile sales presentations that enable their sellers to tell stories and showcase their capabilities in far more compelling ways – leading to more impactful meetings, higher information retention, shortened sales cycles and more revenue.

Sublime's Presentation Studio is fully integrated into Sublimes Content HUB, enabling creators to share their touch-enabled content with designated users, update materials as needed, and measure usage.



Sublime's Presentation Studio’s easy-to-use browser-based design tool that enables designers, marketers and agencies to build beautiful touch-driven mobile sales apps that present content in more engaging ways, without having to do any coding.

  • A browser-based easy-to-use design tool that creates interactive mobile sales content without any coding.
  • Converts static PowerPoint or PDF presentations into dynamic, interactive touchscreen presentations that increase sales conversion rates.
  • Amazing graphical approach demystifies the intricacies of complicated products & effectively communicates complex information in ways that will wow the customer.
  • Decreases seller prep time & increases face-to-face selling time with customers.
  • Dynamic navigation easily adjusts content for the flow of the conversation with customers.
  • Ensures that everyone uses the latest approved presentation, controls messaging & mitigates compliance risk.

Replace lengthy slide presentations with a single, powerful mobile sale app that delivers high impact content, increases the duration of time customers spend with sellers (on average 3 to 5 times longer per meeting) as well as increases a customer’s retention and recall of key sales messages.


Sublime's Loyalty System is the world's leading rewards and recognition mobile app development and management platform. This framework allows us rapidly to develop efficient native iOS and Android software. All our apps are designed to 'universally' support all mobile devices including all iPhones, iPads, smartphones and tablets.

The offering is ideally suited to community-based organisations around sporting teams, local councils, school groups, event goers, clubbers, VIP members, art enthusiasts, brand followers, cultural icons, foodies, groupies and NFP (not-for-profit) organisations. The engagement platform is a powerful tool to unify your online presence in a single app, while also building brand awareness and loyalty with your audience. 



Contrary to its competitors, Sublime put a strong focus on creating awesome designs. Each app is enhanced with a very intuitive interface that we can customise with bespoke experiences and additional features. The results are truly astonishing.

Complete Control

Sublime offers content management functionality, allowing the creation of exclusive content, directly from the backend. Content is organised in different sections. Each section is dedicated to a type of media: articles, videos, photos, sounds, events, social feeds, messaging, map, etc. 

Also, content can also be retrieved from third party platforms like Squarespace, WordPress, Typed, YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, Flickr, Soundcloud, Google Calendar, Facebook, Twitter, etc

Targeted push notifications.

Sublime targeting tool can deliver the right notification to the right user. Filters can be applied to target users by country, city, language, loyalty and device.

“We wanted to give our users powerful tools to engage cleverly with their audience,” said Sublime's Managing Director. “For instance, you can schedule a notification in local time, so that you can deliver your latest news in the morning to all your audience. That kind of details makes a big difference.” 

Know your users

Sublime choose to rely on third-party services like Flurry and Google Analytics to provide quantitative stats. Meanwhile, the Sublime team focused on delivering useful qualitative information on the app’s user base.

By capitalising on social networks integration, Sublime can tell you who your users are, how loyal they are and how powerful they can be to rely on your voice to their followers.